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Notification No. 3007-A  Dated 15.05.2018 regardingDirection for the eligible 69 (sixty-nine) W.B.J.S. Officers in the cadre of Civil Judge (Junior Division)/ Judicial Magistrate in the process of selection for promotion to the cadre of Civil Judge (Senior Division)/CJM for the year 2018.

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Notification No.2226-RG dated 15.05.2018 regarding zone of consideration for Normal Promotion 2018

Uploaded:15-May-2018 18:00:26

Notification No.1655-RG dated 16.04.2018 regarding recruitment to posts in the rank of District Judge (Entry Level) through limited competitive examination

Uploaded:17-Apr-2018 16:59:47

Notification No.1350R-(JS) dated 04.04.2018 regarding zone of consideration towards filling up 20 vacancies in FTCs for the year 2018

Uploaded:05-Apr-2018 15:51:12

Notification No. 1333-R(JS) Dated 02.04.2018 regarding filling up a total of 20 (twenty) vacancies in the Fast Track Court of Additional District & Sessions Judge for the year 2018

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Notification No. 1271-R(JS) dated 29.03.2018 regarding Vacancy Declaration in the cadre of CJ(SD) for 2018

Uploaded:29-Mar-2018 16:49:39

Corrigendum No. 1557-A dated 16.03.2018 with reference to Notification No. 3154-R(JS) dt. 30.08.2017 regarding selection process for promotion of Additional District & Sessions Judge, FTC for 2017

Uploaded:16-Mar-2018 12:40:33

Notification No 4672-RG dated 17.11.2017 regarding Final Merit List in the process of selection for promotion to the cadre of Civil Judge (Senior Division)/CJM from amongst the eligible officers in the cadre of Civil Judge (Junior Division)/Judicial Magistrate of the West Bengal Judicial Service for the year 2017

Uploaded:22-Nov-2017 15:02:30

Notification No.3154-R(JS) dated 28.07.2017 regarding results of the Selection Process towards filling up the vacancies in FTCs 2017

Uploaded:28-Sep-2017 11:34:58

Notification No.3752-RG dated 31.08.2017 regarding results of Normal Promotion - 2017

Uploaded:04-Sep-2017 11:34:13

Notification No.3947-A dated 20.07.2017 regarding advancement of time of Viva-voce for Normal Promotion 2017 scheduled on 24.07.2017, 25.07.2017 and 26.07.2017

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