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Tender Notice No. Med/MS/350(Tender)/2021 dated 22.11.2021
Uploaded:22-Nov-2021 15:20:38
Uploaded:27-Sep-2021 16:29:56
Standard Operating Procedure For Pre-Institution Mediation and Settlement
Uploaded:16-Dec-2020 16:18:32
Mediation Newsletter, Issue-II, High Court, Calcutta
Uploaded:14-Sep-2020 14:18:29
Tender Notice No. Med/MS/118/20 dated 16.03.2020 for Mediation Centre, High Court, Calcutta
Uploaded:16-Mar-2020 17:54:56
Notification (27.01.2020) regarding Panel of Trained Mediators for Pre-Litigation Mediation in Commercial Disputes in West bengal
Uploaded:27-Jan-2020 15:19:38
Approved calendar for Cluster Meet in all the districts of West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands for the year, 2020
Uploaded:17-Dec-2019 14:23:09
Approved calendar for Mediation Fortnight in all the districts of West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands for the year, 2020
Uploaded:17-Dec-2019 14:22:45
Notification No. 6478-A Dated, Calcutta the 7th November, 2019 regarding Schedule of Mediation Awareness cum Workshop Programme in November, 2019 and nomination of officers for attending the programme
Uploaded:08-Nov-2019 12:17:08
Notification regarding Approved Day to Day Itinerary for the Mediation awareness cum workshop programme on November, 2019
Uploaded:02-Nov-2019 14:56:43
Notification No.2539-A dated 30.04.2019 regarding list of Officers nominated for Day Long Non-residential Mediation Awarness-cum-Workshop on 09.05.2019
Uploaded:30-Apr-2019 17:50:04
Notification No. 2482-A Dated, Calcutta the 24th April, 2019 regarding change in the schedule of One Day Non-Residential Training on Mediation and sensitization programme for the referral judges/judicial officers of West Bengal, in the month of May, 2019 at West Bengal Judicial Academy
Uploaded:24-Apr-2019 13:49:09
Letter No. 2362-A dated 18.04.2019 regarding list of Judicial Officers nominated for Mediation Training Programme in the month May and June, 2019
Uploaded:18-Apr-2019 17:03:27
Mediation Newsletter (Calcutta High Court)
Uploaded:05-Apr-2019 16:48:26
List of trained mediators, High Court Calcutta as on 12.03.2019
Uploaded:05-Apr-2019 14:51:36
Cases referred to and settled by mediators from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018
Uploaded:05-Apr-2019 14:50:00