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Notification bearing No. 439-G dated 02.02.2023, amending some Rules of Chapter XIII B and Chapter XV of the Appellate Side Rules of the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:20-Feb-2023 19:14:42
Notification No. 3706 - G dated 22.11.2022 regarding Amendment in TABLE I of Appendix - I in terms of Rule 15 of the Chapter XXXIXA of the Rules of the High Court at Calcutta, Original Side, relating to the Computerized Listing
Uploaded:25-Nov-2022 18:39:09
Gazette Notification no. 982-L/LW/O/IC-14/2022 dated 27th September, 2022 regarding affirmation of affidavit
Uploaded:05-Nov-2022 11:27:25
Gazette Notification no. 2797-G dated 8th August, 2017 regarding amendment in Rules for cases arising in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Uploaded:17-Aug-2022 14:04:06
Gazette Notification no. 1916-G dated 15.06.2022 regarding modification in the "The Calcutta High Court Service (Recruitment in Computer Section)Rules, 2017"
Uploaded:03-Aug-2022 14:07:54
Gazette Notification with Memo No. 2301-G dated dated 14th July, 2022 regarding Amendment in the Calcutta High Court Criminal (Sub-ordinate Courts) Rules, 1985
Uploaded:20-Jul-2022 12:10:49
Gazette Notification No. 4680-G dated 6th December, 2006 regarding Case Flow Management Rules, High Court Rules, 2006
Uploaded:08-Mar-2022 17:01:49
Gazette Notification No. 1529-G dated 08.07.2021 regarding amendment of existing Rules contained in Part-II under the heading 'CIVIL PROCEDURE MEDIATION RULES, 2006'
Uploaded:02-Mar-2022 12:50:34
Amendment of Table I of Appendix 1 of the Appellate Side Rules of the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:29-Dec-2021 22:06:11
Gazette Notification related to No. COR 549 dated 09.04.2021 regarding amendment of related portions of the rules related to computerized listing Of Original SIde Daily Cause List of the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:05-May-2021 21:55:04
Notification No. 862-G dated 09.03.2021 regarding amendment of rules relating to inspection of Courts and Offices of the Subordinate Courts in West Bengal
Uploaded:26-Apr-2021 17:40:40
Gazette Notification no. 1953-G dated 18.12.2020 regarding addition of computer code of case types related to Computerised Listing of Cause List of the Appellate Side
Uploaded:04-Mar-2021 13:52:29
Gazette Notification No. 3098-G dated 16th December, 2021 regarding amendments relating to Computerised Listing of Cause List of the Appellate Side
Uploaded:01-Jan-2021 13:31:09
Gazette Notifications regarding local limits of Jurisdiction of the Commercial Courts at Calcutta and pecuniary Jurisdiction of the four Commercial Courts functioning in the districts at Siliguri, Asansol, Alipore and Rajarhat respectively
Uploaded:29-Jun-2020 17:17:24
Gazette Notification No. 584-G dated 18.02.2020 regarding modification of the existing rules and norms vogue in the High Court with regard to papers and format used in pleadings, affidavits
Uploaded:20-Feb-2020 16:37:37
Gazette Notification No. 583-G dated 18.02.2020 regarding amendment of Rule 1 of the Chapter II of the Appellate Side Rules of the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:20-Feb-2020 16:35:06
Notification No.280-JL dated 26.08.2019 regarding Compulsory retirement and Superannuation of Judicial Officers
Uploaded:27-Sep-2019 19:26:43
Uploaded:06-Mar-2019 15:20:11
Notification No.11019/07/2018-US.II dated 27.12.2018 of Government of India, Ministry of Law and Justice (Department of Justice) regarding appoint ment of Acting Chief Justice in the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:02-Jan-2019 11:49:34
Proposal for designation of Sr. Advocates
Uploaded:10-Aug-2018 17:41:42
Kolkata Gazette (Extraordinary Issue) dated 12.07.2018 containing Guidelines of the Calcutta High Court's relating to designating Senior Advocates u/s 16(2) of the Advocates Act, 1961
Uploaded:18-Jul-2018 14:01:19
Notification No. K-13015/03/2013-US.II regarding appointment of Additional Judges of the Calcutta High Court to be Judges of the Calcutta High Court.
Uploaded:02-Sep-2013 11:48:54
Gazette Notification on amendment of fees for applications filed under Right to Information Act
Uploaded:18-Nov-2011 00:00:00
Notification on Public Interest Litigation
Uploaded:24-Aug-2010 11:03:51
Gazette Notification dated 11.08.2010 regarding the Appellate Authority in respect of the Calcutta High Court and the District Courts
Uploaded:11-Jan-2010 11:46:57